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My name is Jen Torres

My journey is rooted in a deep desire to be sovereign in my life. In 2018, I experienced a Kundalini awakening that launched me onto my spiritual journey. 

Along my path, I found Human Design!

This system quickly became the primary tool that I use to navigate my soul journey.

 I began studying Human Design through Ra Uru Hu's original teaching and eventually became Certified under Jenna Zoe's and DayLuna, Human Design Reader Training course.

I continue my Human Design study every day always; as I consider myself a life time student of these teachings.  

My intention as a Human Design reader is to help others learn to live an empowered and soverign life by helping them to understand their Design.

My goal is to give practical Human Design knowledge so that you can navigate your journey in its highest energetic expression. 

When we live energetically aligned according to our Design, we become sovereign beings.

Life becomes easier as we remove energetic blocks from years of conditioning and FINALLY receive "permission" to live as exactly who we came here to be. 

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